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There is a bit of a buzz surrounding cloud web hosting these days and if you are researching various hosting options, you will certainly run across this term. But, there are only a handful of web hosts currently offering this solution, thus although it is a rather popular option it is also fairly new so your choices in web host are a tad limited. As this solution gains in popularity, though, it is likely more and more hosts will start offering this as an option. This will benefit the customer by giving them more choices in companies to utilize, but it will also reduce the price for it with the increased competition in the market. Now in a bizarre twist Amanda Ware and her new husband are fighting to gain custody of three children ages 5 3 and 1 she had after leaving prison. They were taken away by child protection authorities last year after a doctor recognized Ware as the former Hamm. A Cook County judge on Friday will decide whether the children of Amanda and Leo Ware were abused and neglected even without evidence that they were physically harmed. This is a scary problem for all the people involved but most of all for the judge who has to decide whether to send these children home said Bruce Boyer director of the Loyola University child law clinic in Chicago who not involved in the case. What is so difficult is that the likelihood of something going wrong may be low but if does the consequences are so high. Under a legal concept called anticipatory neglect the court is not required to wait until a child is harmed before intervening if someone has harmed or endangered a child in the past Boyer said adding that such findings are not unusual in child welfare cases. On the other hand parents cannot be disqualified for custody solely because of their past if they prove that they are a capable parent. But prosecutors and child protection authorities told Judge Demetrius Kottaras last week that although none of the three living children has been physically harmed there is direct evidence of current abuse and neglect. That includes domestic violence by Leo Ware against his wife and others substance abuse and Amanda Ware failure to follow treatment for mental illness which created an injurious environment for the children. In 2012 Chicago police responded to a domestic abuse call at the Ware house after Leo Ware struck his wife. The next year while she was pregnant Amanda Ware sought an order of protection saying she feared for herself and her children because Leo Ware was using crack cocaine and might become violent. Two weeks later she had the order dropped. Allegations that Russian athletes have routinely doped their way to success in major competitions and tried to cover up positive drug tests have shaken the world of track and field. The World Anti-Doping Agency will release a report on Monday on its independent investigation into accusations of systematic doping and corruption in Russian sports. The WADA investigation has already led to former IAAF President Lamine Diack being placed under investigation by French authorities on corruption and money-laundering charges linked to alleged bribes and cover-ups of positive tests in Russia. Here are some things to know about doping in Russia