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Vehicle donation can raise thousands of dollars for charity. Just look at the auction of Tonight Show host Jay Leno Free download s Fiat 500. At Gooding & Company Free download s Pebble Beach Auctions, Leno Free download s first-edition 2012 Fiat 500 sold for $350,000. An enthusiastic crowd added another $250,000, bringing the sale to a whopping $600,000 in the name of veterans. Leno specifically selected the Fisher House Foundation, which builds comfort homes for the families of military members receiving medical treatment at military hospitals and VA Medical Centers around the country, as the beneficiary of his sale proceeds. One of the ways V-Dac processes donated vehicles is by selling them to licensed dealers at wholesale auctions around the country. Like Leno-free download s Fiat 500, the money raised. The news of the year has often been surprising and occasionally been shocking. In the world of cloud computing, the surprises have come in the form of innovative, clever ways cloud technology is being put to use. From facilitating live-streaming video from space missions to enabling medical professionals to engage with patients in unforeseen ways, cloud computing had a huge impact on the year. And by all indications, there’s plenty more to come. Much of the cloud computing news of 2016 focused on exponential growth in need and demand, which will reach into the following year and beyond. That growth, along with integrating cloud computing into existing infrastructure, was clearly on the mind of many Thoughts on Cloud readers in 2016. How to Donate Your Car: 9 Simple Steps Donate your car! Organizations around the country will be happy to take it off your hands. If you have car you cant sell (or even if you could sell it) consider donating it, either out of the goodness of your warm and fuzzy heart, because of the likely sizable tax break you ll receive, or a little bit of both. At many vehicle donation charities, including the national ones listed below, you not only can donate any type of passenger vehicle, you can also donate boats, RVs, and motorcycles and more. We’re all for the spirit of giving, so wve pulled together some important steps to follow to ensure you donate to a reputable charity, save on your taxes, and do maximum good.