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How many of your donors will replace their car this year? And how many next year? Did you know that your charity could generate income from this process? Thousands of charities have received donations from the sale of used cars that have been donated instead of traded in or sold privately. They dont have to be recent models either. Many old cars at the end of their working life still have a monetary value. In the UK there are several organisations and charities that handle the process for charities. Here is UK Fundraising. The news of the year has often been surprising and occasionally been shocking. In the world of cloud computing, the surprises have come in the form of innovative, clever ways cloud technology is being put to use. From facilitating live-streaming video from space missions to enabling medical professionals to engage with patients in unforeseen ways, cloud computing had a huge impact on the year. And by all indications, there’s plenty more to come. Much of the cloud computing news of 2016 focused on exponential growth in need and demand, which will reach into the following year and beyond. That growth, along with integrating cloud computing into existing infrastructure, was clearly on the mind of many Thoughts on Cloud readers in 2016